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One says left

April 25, 2017

Mercedes When one says left but everyone else is swinging to the right, what do you do? Listen, make a decision, commit. Listen - what do they know, what does the data tell you... READ MORE

You’re wrong

April 19, 2017

Reflection If you ask people about your business - passers by, smart people, experienced people, people with domain expertise, customers, commentators, pretty much anybody - they’ll have an opinion. If you’re smart, you’ll... READ MORE


April 8, 2017

Flower If you’re thinking … today? The answer is yes. Make the decision, call them back, answer the email, have the conversation, choose blue, choose green, the logo, the typeface, the copy, decide on... READ MORE

Good to know

April 6, 2017

Knowledge You’d rather know now. Good or bad. No hanging around. No suck-it-and-see if the decision’s already made. No waiting. No more chasing and chasing whilst they get up the courage or... READ MORE

Tough times

April 4, 2017

Boxer Yep. It’s tough sometimes. The bad days roll one into another. Nothing comes off and the whole world might just be conspiring. The people you’re working with, kinda don’t work. The customers... READ MORE