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All good?

January 19, 2020

Curl Ask them, how’s it going? All good. Ask them, are you winning? Doing great. Ask them, do you need help? I’m on it. Ask them, are we on track? Sure thing. Ask them, anything to... READ MORE

As soon as

January 7, 2020

Generator When is the right time to hire someone? As soon as you know you need them. When is the right time to fire someone? As soon as you know you should. When is... READ MORE

Anything but this

December 30, 2019

Door There are times when you’d rather be anywhere else but here doing anything else but this. But this is the place and that is the work. It doesn’t matter that there’s an... READ MORE

About when

December 27, 2019

Steps There are always practicalities in the way. There are a thousand reasons to put things off, to continue working around the problem, to kick that can a little further down that... READ MORE

About choices

October 7, 2019

Choice It’s about choices. Let’s say … we have to choose a new CRM system. There are plenty of choices. P-l-e-n-t-y. And despite what they all say about themselves, they all do pretty... READ MORE