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We’re talking about this

June 17, 2020

Numbers Sometimes it really does come down to a number. Sure, there are variables and contingencies and reasons and arguments if favour of a nudge to the left of a nudge to... READ MORE

Have the arguments

June 12, 2020

Pioneer Difficult questions demand difficult conversations. Should we hire this person, fire them, change suppliers, invest in the new product, enter a new market, exit one, sign on new partners, shake hands... READ MORE

We back ourselves

June 5, 2020

Gates When to have a plan B? Most of us like to back ourselves. We’re used to taking risks we know are risky, making commitments we know will need sacrifices, taking challenges we... READ MORE

The game you’re given

April 28, 2020

Engineering If it’s entirely your decision, you get to set the bar on what’s acceptable in terms of data, evidence, instinct, negotiation, risk. It’s your ball and you can nail it, or... READ MORE

Door B

April 27, 2020

Shoulders Sometimes you get presented with a binary choice that doesn’t go well in either direction. You could open Door A and receive something less than you desired, or Door B and... READ MORE