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News flow

August 31, 2016

Dam Having agonised for months whilst the entire organisation meandered along without clarity, at last, the decision is made. (Man, that took too long. Boy, did it hurt us.) Now what are we... READ MORE

About problems and hammers

August 28, 2016

Tools There aren’t many problems that looks the same up close. Sure, we need a product, but this one’s new. Then a project plan, but surely this one is very different from the... READ MORE

What we didn’t know

August 21, 2016

Map At the beginning of things, there’s an awful lot that we don’t know. Some of it is an obvious gap which we work to fill, then there’s the shadows chock full... READ MORE

A proper sweet zero

August 1, 2016

Influence Sitting around waiting for someone else to make a decision, especially a big decision, especially a big decision that affects your everything, isn’t … much … fun. Sometimes a little hurry-up -... READ MORE

And then we fix it

July 31, 2016

Progress Nothing about making difficult decisions is easy. So we agonise, work the angles, squeeze for data, seek advice, mine for insight. The whole game is laced with worry, “What if …?” -... READ MORE