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Slow cooking

October 30, 2015

Tree As the great man said, more time sharpening the axe means less effort cutting the tree. How much time? Enough, and no more. Enough, but not to go around and around. When it’s sharp,... READ MORE

A new North

October 22, 2015

North Complex situations are a soup of pro and con, upside and downside, judgement and rationalisation. They’re subtle. Nuanced. Balanced. Conflicted. Decision making is messy. Yet to be actionable, the decision has to... READ MORE

Help with dizzy heads

October 18, 2015

River In your dreams, what will you do? Easter Island, a novel, Antarctic marathon, private jet? It’s free, no strings, anything goes. Unrelated, disjointed, friable. A different list tomorrow. Companies don’t grow on... READ MORE

Go or no go?

October 6, 2015

Rome Tiptoeing through negotiations, making offers, taking leads, playing the man, laying the cards. All the game-playing, all the second guessing, all the questions, what ifs and maybes, all roads lead to Rome. It’s... READ MORE

The obvious choice

September 9, 2015

Obvious It can be tempting to shy away from the obvious choice. To work a bit harder, to hunt down alternatives, turn over wild cards, dig a little deeper. But sometimes - just... READ MORE