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Sunk costs aren’t reason enough

February 12, 2016

Trebuchet It’s tempting to keep on trucking. With so much time and money invested, not to mention the political and emotional capital you used to get the ball in play in the... READ MORE

Here’s a blue one

February 10, 2016

Yellow Some people are switched on and engaged. They take things in and take them on. They ingest, digest, absorb and assimilate. They’re the ones we like to deal with, who listen,... READ MORE

Many stupid things

February 1, 2016

Stories The roads to glory and misery look pretty much the same and most times there’s no way of knowing which you’re on - up a ladder, in a hurricane, making sure... READ MORE

Fix it

January 26, 2016

Fixed The thing about trying new things, or setting out on unknown paths, or doing things never done before, or any leap of judgement … it might not work. What then? There’s not much... READ MORE

A matter of time

January 25, 2016

Rotting There’s so much advice about getting things done. Blowing through all the prioritisation and location, it all pretty much boils down to: 1. Work out what to put on your to-do list. 2. Do... READ MORE