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Early leaps

May 6, 2018

Window Sometimes you know what the problem is. Whether by luck or judgement, you look at the problem, grok it in a single leap, and flash out the exact diagnosis and prescription... READ MORE

You have the resources

April 12, 2018

Fix Assuming that you have the resources … why not use them? Why not hire some help to chow down on the backlog of accounting, selling, production, coding, stock-taking, assembly, operations, thinking? Why... READ MORE

Decision day

April 11, 2018

Peppers Do whatever you can to avoid them, but sometimes there are no good options, just varying degrees of bad ones. Or maybe just one sub-optimal, we’re going to have to live... READ MORE

Perfect answers

April 5, 2018

Perfect After a month of research you have three options still on the table and no perfect answers that point to a particular choice, what do you do? You could spend more time... READ MORE

When they bounce

March 27, 2018

Eyes When someone bounces out of your organisation - in and out in just a few months - them’s the breaks. If you hired poorly, at least you dealt with it quickly.... READ MORE