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The value

March 5, 2019

Bowl It may sound obvious, but you have to work out whether it’s more important to hang on to the cash or spend it to acquire the value on offer. Of course,... READ MORE

The can

February 23, 2019

Space If it’s interesting/scary/important/risky/unknown enough, it can be more compelling (and certainly easier) to think and talk about the thing rather than actually make the decision and get on with it. All that... READ MORE

Much preparation

February 7, 2019

Scaffold At some point during every project, someone questions how much preparation is necessary before the actions starts. Too much, and enthusiasm turns to cynicism and motivated action oriented people get busy... READ MORE

All the fish

February 3, 2019

Fish There are communications problems and communications problems. Type one are the kind of problems that exist when one person has failed to explain things clearly and they’re putting too heavy a burden... READ MORE

The crossover

December 21, 2018

Cranes Would you build a skyscraper on your own, one shovel of concrete at a time? Don’t forget the design part, and finding the land, and getting the permissions and permits and... READ MORE