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Moving people on

November 2, 2020

Sitting Here’s a piece of advice everybody gives … choose your team wisely. It fits easily into the category, easy to say and difficult to do. We try. We make mistakes. When that... READ MORE

Hot issues

October 31, 2020

Chilli When we’re making decisions, when we’re asking other people to make decisions, we tend to talk about it. We like to talk about all the options, we love to talk about... READ MORE

Last slide

October 30, 2020

Steps Every meeting starts with a purpose and ends with an action point. At least in theory. They might be as simple as, Update, and Next Meeting - but those kind of... READ MORE

An outsider’s calculus

October 4, 2020

Bronze On the inside, you see all the nuance, all the value, all the potential. From the outside, in the cold-stare arms-length world, all they see are the visible traces. Not nuance,... READ MORE

Fall out

October 1, 2020

Hood Decisions come, decisions go. We turn left, we turn right. Every avenue chosen means one thing and not the other thing. Some go well, some bad. Some are obvious, some understandable,... READ MORE