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Let alone a decision

August 12, 2018

Flower Find yourself in a bunch of meetings? And a bunch of those rumbling along with no clear direction? And a bunch of those coming to an end when everyone is board... READ MORE

How you evaluate

August 9, 2018

Rain You’re busy, a project comes in, now what? Capability - can we do it? If you can’t, and you can’t learn how, cut the cord. Capacity - can we fit it in? It’s... READ MORE

Kick it along

July 26, 2018

Road We’ve spent another hour on this conversation, just like we’ve done on so many occasions before. We’re not really getting anywhere but that’s ok, there’s no pressure, we’ve got plenty of... READ MORE

In all the woodwork

July 22, 2018

Woodwork The danger: we insert ourselves and allow ourselves to be inserted into every loop. All things pass over our desk, nothing moves without our added value, no one makes any decisions... READ MORE

The wider field

July 6, 2018

Vision It’s natural to find yourself on one side of an argument. Not the right side or the wrong side, but your own side - whether you carefully placed yourself there after... READ MORE