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No deal?

December 18, 2015

A house It’s often disguised: value for money equations, business case questions, return on investment analyses, opportunity cost speculations, concepts of worth, status and kudos, upside potential, downside risk, capacity and capability... READ MORE

Talking turkey

December 13, 2015

Decisions At some point … after all the posturing and positioning and smiles and grimaces, after the he saids and she saids, the partial or prejudiced interpretations, after doing every damn thing... READ MORE

The answer’s outside

November 28, 2015

Outside It’s easy to get sucked into a closed system. Where everyone you meet is someone you’ve met before, where the centre of gravity drags you inward, where the the rest of... READ MORE

A game of Wear ’em Down

November 9, 2015

Secrets Negotiations can be a game of Wear ‘em Down. Everyone keeping their cards close, bluffing and posturing, acting strong whilst feeling weak. Dealing in time pressure, looking for options, chasing alternatives. When they... READ MORE

Slow cooking

October 30, 2015

Tree As the great man said, more time sharpening the axe means less effort cutting the tree. How much time? Enough, and no more. Enough, but not to go around and around. When it’s sharp,... READ MORE