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Around the table

August 30, 2018

Table And when the moment of decision comes: when there’s no chance of, or no time for, additional data; when the facts and opinions have been chewed over and examined from every... READ MORE

Chewed over

August 29, 2018

Wheels Decisions aren’t a one size fits all proposition. Little and large, immediate and long-range. It would be lovely if every decision could be taken instantly, and every instant decision was good.... READ MORE

Slay the dragon

August 22, 2018

Dragon So we do it this way, which nobody likes.  Everybody, everybody, everybody thinks there must be a better way that how we do it now.  And so it starts.  We could... READ MORE

Let alone a decision

August 12, 2018

Flower Find yourself in a bunch of meetings? And a bunch of those rumbling along with no clear direction? And a bunch of those coming to an end when everyone is board... READ MORE

How you evaluate

August 9, 2018

Rain You’re busy, a project comes in, now what? Capability - can we do it? If you can’t, and you can’t learn how, cut the cord. Capacity - can we fit it in? It’s... READ MORE