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Hoary problems

April 1, 2019

Hoary We all have hoary problems that never go away. Like the troublesome supplier who does good work, eventually, but leaves you guessing between infrequent updates. Or the team member who goes walkabout,... READ MORE

Yesterday’s choices

March 27, 2019

Horror The processes, systems, products, connections, networks, suppliers, customers, everything and every way you do business today is based on the requirements and circumstances you found yourself in yesterday. Or maybe the... READ MORE

A fulsome answer

March 26, 2019

Complex When someone asks a complex question, it’s a pretty good bet they want to know the answer. It’s also likely they’ve eliminated everyone else in their rolodex and they’re now looking... READ MORE

With the why

March 21, 2019

Path Most entrepreneurial managers are open to change. Not just in a passive able to roll with the punches kind of way, but in an active let’s shake this thing up kind... READ MORE

The value

March 5, 2019

Bowl It may sound obvious, but you have to work out whether it’s more important to hang on to the cash or spend it to acquire the value on offer. Of course,... READ MORE