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If you care

January 17, 2018

Follow Meetings come, to-do lists get populated, meetings go. There’s always a lot to get on with. Not just your stuff, but everybody else’s. You nudge this here, make headway there, complete... READ MORE

Draw things out

January 14, 2018

Hill Some problems are doozies, overwhelming, paralysing. You know that the issue you see is connected to so much more that you can’t. You can get stuck. And it’s tempting to do... READ MORE

Again, again, again

January 13, 2018

Repeats The reason customers come back … they like what they got last time, and they’re looking for more of the same. Sure they might want it bigger and better next time,... READ MORE

Little voice

January 11, 2018

Tower Anytime you try something new there’s always someone telling you not. It won’t work. You can’t do it. The team aren’t up to it, you’re not up to it. There’s not... READ MORE

Tunnel vision

January 8, 2018

Tunnel Focus is huge. A keen eye for what you’re trying to achieve, a clear idea of how it will be done, and constant attention to taking the steps without being distracted or... READ MORE