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Difficult things

July 17, 2017

Complexity When you have to do easy things, it’s easy. You know how long and how much effort is involved, you put the work in, and, ta da!, it’s done. No muss... READ MORE

I’m thinking this

July 12, 2017

Ideas You can go a long way on your own but at some point, and sooner than you think, you have to consult the customer. “I’m thinking this. What do you think?” There’s... READ MORE

Because you’re responsible

June 30, 2017

Responsible Whatever needs to be done - whether it’s fixing the dripping tap in the kitchen to building a rocket ship - someone has to be responsible. The question is who? It starts... READ MORE

Running scared?

June 27, 2017

Running In any project, any deal, any action involving anyone outside of your group … there are rumours. He-said, she-said, they’re on-board, she’s working against, he has his own agenda, they’re playing us,... READ MORE

The verb

June 26, 2017

OK Corral As you think about the plan you’ll notice that it’s not an event. It’s not a shoot out. It doesn’t have it’s feet in concrete. They’re in good and fertile... READ MORE