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The don’t-doer

January 14, 2021

Beetle Things don’t get done if people don’t do them. Things: stuff that needs to happen. If this stuff is left hanging, other things - maybe more important things, dependent things, things that... READ MORE

It’s good to do

January 12, 2021

Meeting It’s good to talk. It’s good to get all the pieces on the table, in plain sight and just work through them, one by one, until everyone understands what they’re looking... READ MORE

If you’re serious

January 10, 2021

Ring If it was a contract, and the contract was serious, you’d spend time working out all the main terms and even more time nailing down what has to be delivered, by... READ MORE

Outside the lines

January 6, 2021

Box There’s value inside the lines: doing what’s expected, repeatably, fulfilling on established practices and keeping everyone happy as you go. There’s value outside the lines: making your own rules, spinning on... READ MORE

Pointing north

January 5, 2021

Construction Some people are extremely good at filling their day with meaningful ways of tearing up trees, adding value, and moving the dial. They’re the kind of people we want on our... READ MORE