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Finally finish

July 24, 2021

Windows It’s a rush. We work towards the deadline, we deal with email, we have meeting and meetings, we finish the project and we start another. Endless. Relentless. And sometimes, so endless,... READ MORE

What you know

July 22, 2021

Handle There are so many things we know that we know. We’re so sure that we know that we never stop to think again. Is it? Was it? Could it? Maybe there’s... READ MORE

After the facts

July 19, 2021

Stand Back Let’s say you have every single possible fact at your disposal, and that you muster them and present them with clarity and dispassion. That the case, from your perspective is... READ MORE

In the gaps

July 14, 2021

Windows When good people do their thing, and things aren’t working, the place to focus is on the transitions. Those moments where the work passes from one person to the next, from... READ MORE

Your own thought

July 11, 2021

Thought It’s possible that other people will work out what you mean. If you use convoluted descriptions that entertain all the detail and nuance in your mind, if you use the language... READ MORE