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Love that list

November 20, 2017

Latch Is there an argument against checklists? Maybe they feel like spoon feeding, maybe they spin away the spontaneity, maybe they treat everyone just the same and make everyone feel just the same... READ MORE

Full of kinks

November 14, 2017

Bollard What seems big at the beginning normally seems bigger at the end - but you made it. What seems small at the beginning, also seems bigger at the end - but you... READ MORE

A pretty big page

November 10, 2017

Vancouver If there’s one place you all have to be, it’s on the same page. Sometimes it’s a pretty big page. The page is a treasure map, of course. You can argue about the... READ MORE

Mostly planned

November 6, 2017

Castle There are two kinds of strategy: planned and discovered. Which is best? A planned strategy is the one you set out to achieve. It’s built in the shower, in coffee shops, around... READ MORE

Tripping hazards

November 2, 2017

Bridge Anytime you’re making progress you’re likely to take short cuts. Little bypasses that let you avoid doing something long or tedious, easy-outs that let you sidestep what you know is the-right-way... READ MORE