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Out of trouble

August 9, 2019

Crane When we find ourselves in difficulty, there’s usually someone who can help. If the problem is a short-term lack, like in capacity, missing skills or experience, unusual knowledge, or anything else... READ MORE

Important stuff

August 8, 2019

Nets There are always so many things to get on with - solving the problems in front of you and preparing for the next one’s looming down the track - that it’s... READ MORE

A rugby match

August 5, 2019

Rugby There’s always a lot of wriggle in what you do. You’re not exactly making it up as you go along, and to an outside observer it probably looks pretty good, but... READ MORE

The calendar

July 26, 2019

Stand Everyone loves an optimist. Right up until everyone hates an overoptimist who promised more than could be delivered, committed more resources that were available, used up the good natures of their... READ MORE

Estimation and cadence

July 25, 2019

Build The first time you did something like this, you pretty much made it up as you went along. Over time, as you worked through these situations again, you spent more and... READ MORE