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The first move

September 29, 2018

Coffee It’s time to knuckle down. Maybe it’s because you’ve been away, the summer’s over and you want to get things done before everyone starts looking forward to the holidays again. Maybe it’s that... READ MORE

Take home food

September 27, 2018

Food At the beginning of things, particularly things that aim to change even a tiny bit of the world, enthusiasm is high, energy is high, expectations are high and everyone is floating... READ MORE

Another crack

September 24, 2018

Tree There was a time when you didn’t know how to do what you do. You span in circles for a while, working things out, placing bets and making experiments. Over time,... READ MORE

Simple things

September 21, 2018

Simple We buy stuff - like time from our employees and service providers, and products from our suppliers - add value to it all, and sell it for more money that it... READ MORE

Sluggish systems

September 19, 2018

Market Finally? Finally! Finally the market is moving your way. That long-planned success might actually happen. Is happening. Is here. Now, Revenue is up, profit is up, spirits are up. The question you... READ MORE