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Around the edges

March 19, 2019

Icy In a hurry, we knock off an email. In there, no doubt, is the essential information. Maybe it’s a request for information (please) or a response for some (pretty please). Maybe... READ MORE

The cogs

March 12, 2019

Engine Let’s assume the standard wisdom of putting your best people on your biggest opportunities is considered standard and wise for good reason. Most times, that means your best people - including... READ MORE

Ideas are free-ish

March 4, 2019

Work Ideas are free. Ideas aren’t so much free as they come from combining a bunch of notions that you already know until you come up with a novel thought. That combining/idea-ing process... READ MORE

And standards

March 1, 2019

Beams Getting things going, bringing new things into the world, takes a lot of seat of the pants, making stuff up as you go along, creativity, we shall overcome-ness, under- over- or... READ MORE

Something has tipped

February 27, 2019

Hope You hope it won’t happen, but when you know it might you probably keep a ball of contingencies rolling your head. If this then that, if the other thing then we’ll... READ MORE