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This very minute

May 5, 2020

Post There aren’t many drop everything this has to come first requests. Sure, they happen, but today? On this? Does it really come in front of everything else you’ve committed to? Is... READ MORE

Who makes them wait

May 4, 2020

Huts There are people waiting for you now. Some on your team, working on something else (if you’re lucky) whilst they wait for you to make a decision or give them some... READ MORE

Sausage Benjamin

May 1, 2020

Cardiff Sandwiches I’ve come across recently: The Original, Jalapeño Jammin’, Sausage Benjamin. Don’t you want to know more? Don’t you want to sit down with a napkin on your lap and sink your... READ MORE

There comes a time

April 30, 2020

Cafe There comes a time, probably later than you hoped but sooner than you think, when the talking has to stop and the action has to start. You’ve strategised, mapped it out,... READ MORE

The biggest what-ifs

April 29, 2020

Window There are times when we hear a lot and think a lot about scenario planning; mostly when we’re staring down the barrel of a gumtree’s worth of sticky situation. We pull... READ MORE