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A doorway

April 9, 2021

Door When you do what you do it’s likely you fall into the habit of doing what you do in the way that you do it. Which can be a good thing.... READ MORE

Some help

April 6, 2021

Tables We all but up against our headroom sometimes. We all, deep in the weeds of the thing we know we need to do and we want to do well, find ourselves... READ MORE

About the planning

April 5, 2021

X building It’s absolutely, positively, indisputably useful to have a plan. It helps organise your thoughts, it help disseminate your thoughts and it helps everyone involved coordinate their efforts today, tomorrow and... READ MORE

Slotted into shape

April 2, 2021

Cabinets Nothing is quite as simple as it seems from the starting gate. More complexity, more nuance, more moving parts, more thinking, more vested interests, more if-this-then-that, more connections, more worries, more... READ MORE

More shine

April 1, 2021

Coffee What if it was a product with a customer and a launch date? That thing you’re working on, not the little to-do item, but one of your deliverables, one that other... READ MORE