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The risk of censure

January 22, 2019

Yellow When you’re kinda-sorta-maybe worried that somebody will object, it’s likely that you’ll kinda-sorta-maybe ask for permission rather than just get on with it. And when you ask for permission, it’s pretty... READ MORE

A thing of rhythm

January 21, 2019

Rhythm When things go wrong, it’s likely that you have a meeting about it and work out how to put things right this time and make sure it can’t go wrong again... READ MORE

With pillars

January 20, 2019

Pillars What is really going on? Not … what I think is going on, or what I want to be going on, or what I’ve been told is going on, or what I... READ MORE

Play their way

January 19, 2019

Windows You have your way of doing things, and they have theirs. It would be great, easy, quick, simple if both ways were exactly the same. If the standards matched. If all the... READ MORE

They don’t care

January 14, 2019

Focus When selling something, it’s natural to be concerned about all the things you’ve done to make it available, the complexity you’ve managed, the risks you’ve taken, the blind alleys you’ve followed,... READ MORE