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Keeping time

February 6, 2020

Clock In your head, you probably have a pretty good idea of where you are in any personal project. You can say what you’ve done and can list all the next steps... READ MORE

Maybe next

February 3, 2020

Borrego Whenever you do something new, you sacrifice doing something old. And in a vacuum, that sounds both obvious and desirable, why wouldn’t you explore new challenges and take some new boots... READ MORE

Look forward

February 1, 2020

Window There’s the plan. Most times, based on what happened last year with a little bit more. The status quo: same products and services but a little bit extra, same suppliers just... READ MORE

All the wood

January 30, 2020

Trees When the project (every project) runs a little (a lot) ragged. When thinks kinda-sorta get done and kinda-sorta don’t. When there’s a decent (big) delta between what you expected and what... READ MORE

Some legwork

January 28, 2020

Sun Is it possible for an athletic coach not to know about human anatomy? Is it possible for a software engineer not to have a handle on programming theory? Is it possible for a... READ MORE