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Actual steps

June 15, 2017

Steps It’s all very well having a to-do list and a plan. Simple or complicated as you like. Jotted down over coffee and a bun or sweated over with colleagues and consultants... READ MORE

Break down

June 6, 2017

Copenhagen To fulfil on your commitments you have to get stuff done. To get stuff done you have to have the capacity and capability to do it. To have the capacity you have to... READ MORE

People say things

June 5, 2017

Fork People say things. Sometimes they say things you like. It’s easy to agree. And then you’re on to the next thing. And the next. Assuming there’s some action after the agreement, progress... READ MORE

Move it

June 3, 2017

Fork Whatever you want to achieve, there’s always something in the way. Maybe you’re too busy, or don’t have the resources, or are short of people, or the customer doesn’t care, or the... READ MORE

Three questions

June 1, 2017

Main St Doing new things, whether it’s the smallest small project or the grandest grand endeavour, means doing things things that are … errrm … new. At least to the team. At... READ MORE