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Estimation and cadence

July 25, 2019

Build The first time you did something like this, you pretty much made it up as you went along. Over time, as you worked through these situations again, you spent more and... READ MORE

Chivvying along

July 19, 2019

Steps Five minutes after the meeting, people are straying from the path. What seemed clear and obvious and agreed and straightforward gets battered about by the daily reality of living in the... READ MORE


June 27, 2019

Balance In the end, the whole thing is made of details. From the font size to the typeface to the web design to the product page to the product specification to the... READ MORE

When things slip #2

June 26, 2019

Curves When things slip there are two easy ways of getting back on track: change what’s on it, or change how long it runs. Let’s take the second one first as it’s the... READ MORE

Under the ice

June 22, 2019

Ice Most times, most days, most issues, you pretty much understand the territory and what needs to be done. Understanding is quick step from where you start, diagnosis and remedial action follow... READ MORE