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Go to the place

June 11, 2019

Place It doesn’t matter how many time we’ve experienced the lesson, how well we tell ourselves we’ve learned, how many times we’ve been around the loop. The only way to get something... READ MORE

Firm it up

June 7, 2019

Stairs If strategy is an expensive word for a plan, then plan is a socially sellable word for a guess. Which is to say, dress it up any way you like and... READ MORE

Bets you’re already winning

June 3, 2019

Sky There are always new opportunities raising their heads out of their rabbit holes. The question is which is the next one you’re going to chase. But whilst you keep your eyes... READ MORE

Urgent trivia

May 31, 2019

Bottle It sits there at the edge of your consciousness all the time. Just out of sight. Lurking in the shadows in the corner of your eye. Distracting you. Dragging your attention.... READ MORE

The detail

May 30, 2019

Big House Everything is sorted. The demo site is built and ready to rock. Hands have been shaken on the deal. The decision is made. Strategy is agreed and the whiteboard’s been wiped. The pitch is crafted. The... READ MORE