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The tiniest step

August 16, 2017

Office Standing still, the ground is so sticky. It clags, clings, stops you before you’ve started. Adds weight. Makes you look down, worry you’ll never get moving again, and maybe that you... READ MORE

The boiler

August 14, 2017

Boiler The part that actually creates the value, the bit that sits between selling and delivery, there’s the chunk that probably gets the least attention. It’s not as exciting as selling, as creative... READ MORE

Make it better

August 6, 2017

Spire When something goes wrong there’s a significant impulse to make it better. It starts with the it - before you do anything you have to know what exactly you’re working on. What... READ MORE

Give it form

July 31, 2017

Box We’ve all had good ideas. We’ve all had great times around a whiteboard. We’ve all wrassled with concepts for days without quite bringing them to solid form. We’ve all been caught in the thinking-not-doing... READ MORE

Junk jobs

July 29, 2017

Dividers There’s always a ton of junk jobs that need doing but have no priority. At all. They have to be done, but not today. They have to be done, but not today. They have... READ MORE