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Move it

June 3, 2017

Fork Whatever you want to achieve, there’s always something in the way. Maybe you’re too busy, or don’t have the resources, or are short of people, or the customer doesn’t care, or the... READ MORE

Three questions

June 1, 2017

Main St Doing new things, whether it’s the smallest small project or the grandest grand endeavour, means doing things things that are … errrm … new. At least to the team. At... READ MORE

Uncommitted time

May 25, 2017

Reflections For the moment, let’s take willingness for granted. That the people you want to do things want to do them too. Not always the case, but for now, understood. And now we’re... READ MORE

Hopping horses

May 20, 2017

Horse When you’re working on your idea - all the way from the spark to taking it out to show the world - keep a weathered eye out for the next idea. The... READ MORE

In six months

May 16, 2017

Boston In six months time, wouldn’t it be lovely if … Assuming you manage the finish the sentence with something tangible and that’s within the bounds of reason (even if it’s only the... READ MORE