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Finishing finishing

February 12, 2018

Bridge Finishing a project is one of those rare moments when the world slows down a little bit. There’s that thrill of hitting the final Save, pressing Send, delivering the service to... READ MORE

Elephant’s eye

February 10, 2018

Elephant If you get anywhere remotely close to your customer or your market, you’ll find a lot that’s wrong with their world. Inefficiencies, unnecessary steps, hidden and not-so hidden costs, out-dated methods... READ MORE

Behind the trees

February 9, 2018

Circle Everyone loves a summary. Chomping 214 slides of market research down to the five key points. The production report that distils a month’s effort into a column of outputs. The beautifully balanced... READ MORE

Tell me back

February 7, 2018

Fall “Deep in the meeting, we talked about that thing. It was anything other than straightforward. There were connected parts and a number of hand-offs and dependencies. Are you clear about all... READ MORE

The real work

January 30, 2018

House We all have jobs that need doing, a too-long to-do list, big projects and ambitious targets and grunt work and difficult conversations and lots of little things that call us …... READ MORE