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The verb

June 26, 2017

OK Corral As you think about the plan you’ll notice that it’s not an event. It’s not a shoot out. It doesn’t have it’s feet in concrete. They’re in good and fertile... READ MORE

Don’t set objectives

June 22, 2017

Ship house There must be some reason we don’t set objectives. Maybe it’s easier just to slide on through. To not put ourselves out, then no one will know whether we’re winning or... READ MORE

When it doesn’t work

June 20, 2017

Diner One of, if not the, quickest ways to improve a losing situation is to stop doing whatever it is that isn’t working. Which is obvious, and trite, and pretty good advice... READ MORE

When it works

June 19, 2017

Zig Zag When you do something well, when your organisation is on its game, when you’re standing just a little bit taller than the competition, it’s tempting to take it for granted.... READ MORE

Whatever the weather

June 18, 2017

Weather Look out there, it’s looking darker. Clouds are forming. It might not rain, but maybe it will. Perhaps we should sit it out for a while and see what happens. You... READ MORE