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Go around

April 30, 2018

Mountain Some problems lend themselves to solutions. Maybe they’re easy, maybe they’re complex yet readily soluble, maybe the ducks are all lined up and just waiting from someone to march them out... READ MORE

Active measures

April 28, 2018

Still Assuming for the moment that your job is not entirely about steady-state delivery of the status quo, that you involve yourself if making things better, in understanding how things are now... READ MORE

That feeling

April 26, 2018

Cat That feeling you get.  When you close the circle on a long and complex job. The one you avoided at the start because it was difficult to understand, that you procrastinated... READ MORE

The discomfort

April 25, 2018

Knotty We all put off the important-difficult non-urgent stuff in favour of the easy and the urgent. The easy is … easy, so it’s like taking a break. The urgent is …... READ MORE

The fulcrum

April 24, 2018

Fulcrum Most of us find freedom in delegating. The value of getting things done outweighs the pleasure in getting them done precisely, exactly, explicitly the way that we would do them, and... READ MORE