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Get out of town

May 30, 2016

Travel You know you have to get from here to there, but how? So many steps, so many turnings, so many unknowns. Planning is daunting. A blank whiteboard and empty faces show how... READ MORE

Boring admin?

May 28, 2016

Admin There’s nothing exciting about admin. There is a satisfaction in putting the right paper in the right pile and filing the pile in the right place. Something zen about the focus and... READ MORE

Keeping an eye

May 16, 2016

Drip It’s fine. Everything’s working swimmingly. No bugs no shrugs. Easy street. Until one day … it’s not. When it happens, react. Contingencies drop in to place, warranties invoked, third line kicks in, project management,... READ MORE

Down time

May 15, 2016

Dog There’s so much to do. Sometimes it feels like the only way is foot to the floor, taps wide open, hell for leather, chasing, chasing, chasing. Only one speed counts: 1,000 miles... READ MORE

Routine blindness

May 11, 2016

Blind So much of building a business is about feeling. In the early days: the numbers, the people, the products, the customers, the direction, the focus, the process, the strategy, the everything. Holding... READ MORE