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The backlog

February 10, 2017

Stack There’s always plenty to do. It backs up. Another day, another fire to put out or an employee to coach or a customer to meet or a presentation to prepare. All the... READ MORE

Double jeopardy

February 7, 2017

Neck To get things done … Don’t get distracted. Things always come up. Interesting things. Promising much. Better than the current plan, different from the old plan, faster/better/smarter than we thought? Ask, how will... READ MORE

Let them get on with it

February 3, 2017

Buses There’s an awful lot that goes into development. The hours of meetings and arguments and I-thought-you-meant's, the missteps, the circles, the cul de sacs and leaps ahead, ah-ha!, more meetings. It all... READ MORE

It’s practice

February 2, 2017

Landing It has to be perfect. (Stifling) It’s a one time deal. (Over thinking) Bang on the money. (Ummm) No kidding. (I’m not ready) This time … whether it’s the first time ever or the first... READ MORE

A branch line

February 1, 2017

Train By the time you’re in your stride, maybe last week, maybe a decade ago, things are chugging away on the mainline. Ta-pu-ka-ta-pu-ka-ta. Customers, projects, people, products come. Customers, projects, people, products... READ MORE