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You go backwards

March 1, 2018

Room With any luck (for which read: luck, hard work, planning, perseverance, smarts, grit, determination) you’re busy making the world of your customers a better place. Products that sing, services that dance... READ MORE

The leap

February 23, 2018

Centre Much of managing is nudging. Pointing people in the right direction, clearing a path, making connections, doing the little things so the team can do the big things, suggesting routes around issues,... READ MORE

A little easier

February 19, 2018

Independence On paper, everything seems a little easier than it is. That’s a bad thing if it makes you believe the impossible. If the paper convinces you that Tab A will fit perfectly... READ MORE

Do it now

February 17, 2018

Charge There are always things nagging away. Inevitabilities that we’re trying to ignore. Good and bad sorta-maybes that are beginning to look like probably-certainties for which we’d be smart to start lining-up... READ MORE

A nimble footed affair

February 14, 2018

Walkway Dealing with the day-to-day is a nimble footed affair. Tip-toeing around obstacles, jumping between stepping-stones, taking care not to crush initiative or subvert progress. As you navigate, it’s natural and necessary... READ MORE