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Suggestible me

August 30, 2016

Suggestions We go through life reading the runes. Trying to work out from scant scratchings in impervious rocks the way the wind has blown and its direction of change. We take or lose... READ MORE

Sticky molasses

August 29, 2016

Molasses It starts with knowing what you want. (Harder than it sounds - most of us wriggle away from being specific, grey areas are places to hide, not committing means an easy escape... READ MORE

Gotta keep moving

August 25, 2016

Building Keeping balls in the air goes with the territory. Always always something happening. A system change, a new hire, a resignation, product developments, customer complaints, new business, on-boarding, implementation. Hustle, hustle.... READ MORE

Primary purpose

August 23, 2016

Prime On the assumption that there can be only one primary purpose … what’s yours? Organisationally it might be known as your mission or purpose - something that get’s dragged out, polished up... READ MORE

Extreme nurture

August 22, 2016

Sculpture There’s the day to day. Turning up, breathing in, breathing out, going home. In the middle, you do your thing - personally and organisationally. Creating value in every meeting and for... READ MORE