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Stack or strip?

June 15, 2015

Strip There’s always lots to do. Chances are, before you start anything new, you’re already max’ed out. Adding anything worthwhile will likely take more time than you have, chew through meetings, be knotty,... READ MORE

Make the time to take photographs

March 11, 2015

London Everyone can do large amounts of work. Sometimes they have to. Pizza nights to squash bugs before launch, evenings and weekends packing before the move, mountains of prep for due diligence.... READ MORE

What’s your coffee?

February 28, 2015

Coffee Starting out, there’s a debate between two principals. One says, “We need to offer a broad range of services that puts our arms around the widest possible group of customers.” The tempting... READ MORE

How to ask for help

February 16, 2015

Help Waiting to be invited When I need something on projects, I’m very direct. When it comes to something for me though, I don’t like asking. I have a natural reticence. My standard... READ MORE

When to get out of the office?

February 13, 2015

Brad The loop My office is a pretty cosy place. Every office I ever had was more comfortable and safer than that scary world out there. I’m not talking about soft furnishings or... READ MORE