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The right person

August 14, 2018

Players It’s possible that you can spec out the perfect hire with the exact set of experience and skills and interests. That you’ll nail the job description in all its complexity and... READ MORE

Cosy comfort

August 19, 2017

Ball It’s so incredibly easy to be busy, working in your team on things you want to work on, and forget to talk to outside voices. Voices that might challenge and disagree,... READ MORE

What customers want

June 2, 2017

Grom What do customers want? The short answer: they want what they want. The longer answer: customers want what they want. Whilst some are better that others , it’s likely that they aren’t very... READ MORE

Wiggly lines

April 18, 2017

Straight Unless you’re following a recipe, doing things for the first time means making things up as you go along. There’s no guide book. Nobody who’s not in the weave with you... READ MORE

Plain words

April 11, 2017

Greek We all pull our punches. We use a lot of words to not say the thing we really want to say. Buried in all the talk … a hope. A hope that the... READ MORE