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Their own course

November 2, 2015

River We like to believe in logic. In the notion that process of A and B leads to C. In the weight of the argument and the balance of probabilities. We like the... READ MORE

Leaving breadcrumbs

November 1, 2015

In the wind It was train wreck. Looking back, it plays out in slow motion. The wheels roll off the rails, the engine sways, the carriages squeeze-box as the caboose swings around and... READ MORE

Speed demon

October 29, 2015

Harley You have to go to the ball. You can’t wait for it to come to you. As soon as you see it start to move, go to where it’s going to be. Press. Hustle. Take... READ MORE

Dig a hole

October 26, 2015

Desert When two sides of a debate are strong, the tug or war is shuffle-forward stumble back. Each group digging deeper and leaning further with every step. Everyone wants to move; some left,... READ MORE

It’s in the numbers

October 24, 2015

Numbers There are very few blindsides. More often, you know something’s wrong. A feeling. Maybe it’s the negative space of non information that should be there but isn’t, or the sense that too many things... READ MORE