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Whilst it’s fresh

September 24, 2017

Fresh How was that for you? That thing you were working towards, the presentation, the performance, the pizazz. The thing you prepared for, and practiced for, and visualised, and lost sleep over. How was... READ MORE

The waiting

September 22, 2017

Airstream There are many frustrations in bringing new ideas to the world. Finding all the pieces, the cul de sacs as you try to make them work, sorting out all the things... READ MORE

Again, again

September 18, 2017

Pavilion Getting things going means making stuff up. Stuff that you or your team have never done before, for people who’ve never had it before, and all in ways that no one... READ MORE

Managing the mustard

September 14, 2017

Engine When you're on top of the game, when the crises feel far apart, when you can apply the hot stuff whenever and wherever you need it - you’ve got enough mustard... READ MORE

Rock the iceberg

September 11, 2017

Rock Doing what you do, for as long as you’ve done it, you have ways. Ways to run meetings, ways to talk to customers, ways to manage people and projects and processes,... READ MORE