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Run to the spa

July 26, 2021

Ruins It’s tempting to down tools and run to the spa, mountains, beach, darkened-room at the end of the project. All those long days, all those lost weekends, all that pizza, all... READ MORE

All about values

July 20, 2021

Trees It really is all about values. When you’re hiring, there are always plenty of people with the technical skills and sufficient experience who can do the job. In starter roles, the choices... READ MORE

First days

July 18, 2021

Hopper First days are exciting and hard and a buzz and a blitz. So much information, so many names, too many faces, what about lunch?, how do they do things around there,... READ MORE

You’ll moan

July 16, 2021

Blue You don’t like it. This thing, this thing you’re moaning about, this thing you keep moaning about. You don’t like it at all. Next time you all get together, you’ll moan... READ MORE

Price to value

July 13, 2021

Paint Commodities are price sensitive, everything else is about value. You may think you have a value. You don’t. The work you do has a value. The value you create has a value.... READ MORE