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Pushing water

January 16, 2018

Horse Imagine for a moment that you’ve run thirty businesses, done thirty transactions, managed thirty projects. Some good, some bad. Some glorious wins, some gloomy washes. You’ve thought about the ups and... READ MORE

Prioritise integrity

January 15, 2018

Horse Yes you have to prioritise. Some things are more important than others. Some customers, some contacts, some projects, some firefights will always take precedence over others. Everyone’s in the same boat and... READ MORE

Cement the love

January 7, 2018

Cement Customers want a product they can trust - one that performs, is delivered as expected, and is consistent over time. When they get what they want from a supplier … they remember... READ MORE

The bliss of ignorance

January 5, 2018

Scarcity When resources are tight, you can hope … or you can work the problem. Hoping is choosing the bliss of ignorance. When you kinda-sorta know what’s going on, when you’re in touch... READ MORE

The bridge

January 4, 2018

Bridge You spend a lot of time, attention and resource to make your product or service hit the niche it’s designed to fit. You put effort into your marketing so everyone in... READ MORE