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This and this

April 1, 2020

Pizza You can try being nice, try your bestest smile, try selling or being angry. Sometimes the only way to get the kind of attention that you need is to lay all... READ MORE

Being busy

March 29, 2020

Work A lot of us spend a lot of time being extremely busy. Running from one email to the next, one meeting to another, jumping into and out of crisis mode seven... READ MORE

When you can’t

March 28, 2020

Work There are times, for good reasons and bad, that you can’t deliver your end of the bargain. Stuff happens, other people let you down, the world turns a little faster than... READ MORE

Wasting their time

March 21, 2020

Red There are people, you’ve met them, I’ve met them, who don’t seem to be doing much. Or, being more charitable, they’re busy, but it’s difficult to see how they’re contributing at... READ MORE

All-righty then

March 19, 2020

i360 bigger It starts with lack of clarity and progresses without boundaries. After a while, some of your people will work things out for themselves, and not in a good way. The question... READ MORE