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Their own pace

March 17, 2018

Mess Customers tend to move at their own pace. From the outside, they might look like the snail. Hard shell, slow moving, tripping themselves up on their single foot, a sticky not slick... READ MORE

Things in writing

March 13, 2018

Writing I know you’re full of good intentions. That you’re an honourable person who stands by your word and sticks to your handshake. That you do what you say you’re going to... READ MORE

About the customer

March 11, 2018

Head Let’s talk about the customer. About all the things we believe they think and want. About our assumptions. About the ways they help and hinder us. About the things they don’t... READ MORE

Mad-bad-sad customer

March 4, 2018

Fish When you’re selling, it’s tempting to focus on the positives. All the little features that bring all the bigger benefits. What you can do. What you’re product can do. What your... READ MORE

Our-world class

February 28, 2018

Marconi For bonus points and in the belief that maybe there’s a short cut, we might have a broad notion of only wanting to work with a subset of the options that... READ MORE