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Ideas factory

April 24, 2017

Factory Customers. Once in a long while, a customer asks you in no uncertain terms to develop a new product or service just for them. And when it happens, it’s a good feeling... READ MORE

They’ve got issues

April 17, 2017

South Bank Hanging around in B2B for a while, you come across any number of things that should change. Places and processes and things that haven’t kept up, investments that turned into... READ MORE

Scraped knees

April 13, 2017

Tree surgeon In a steady-state business, where nothing really changes except the date and a face every now and again, the job of management is mostly about efficiency, effectiveness and the odd... READ MORE

Time and place

April 12, 2017

Busy Let’s make the assumption that you’ve got a better mousetrap right there in your bag. You understand the problem better than the next guy, you’ve engineered the right solution at the... READ MORE

Eyes up

April 9, 2017

Bollard The problems start when you stop paying attention. When you settle into routines and assume that what was good yesterday will still be good tomorrow. That you know enough about the... READ MORE