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Just the same

October 12, 2019

Horse Stuff happens. Some of it’s good and we … fold it into our understanding of business and usual and get on with our day-to-day. We might highlight it at an update session... READ MORE

Not clear

October 8, 2019

Ram After the meeting, we’re still not clear. It might seem like a failure of intent, or writing, or the conversation, or the people in the room, or their interest in and application... READ MORE

Send them home

October 6, 2019

Home You want a strong work ethic. You want your people to put in a shift, to take responsibility, to understand the importance of deadlines, to show their commitment. You want them... READ MORE

Another hill

October 3, 2019

Hill Another day, another hill to climb. And whilst in the moment it can be deeply irritating to have to march to the top of the hill, again, and then march back... READ MORE

In first

September 28, 2019

Stock Nobody likes to hang around. Whether that’s for a response to an email, a drink in a bar, a component delivery or a game changing decision. Whatever. We sit, and we... READ MORE