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Boring isn’t safe

August 10, 2015

Safe Challenging for lucrative work, pitching for something big, breaking into a new field, gunning for new horizons - it’s tempting to think the decision maker’s pen will twitch your way if... READ MORE


July 27, 2015

Camouflage Little jokes. Small and joyful. Like the logo written in ascii in a web page source. Like the playful health warning on a technical spec. Like the small print in an email footer that’s... READ MORE

An expensive education

July 12, 2015

Cheese Any time you have to educate your market - about their problem, why they should care, your solution, the technology involved, your business model - it’s expensive. The more variables you have... READ MORE

Feel Successful to Be Successful

December 16, 2010

Happy singers

Everybody knows that happy people do good work.

It might be true but it’s misleading too. Happy people and good work are correlated but they aren’t cause and effect. In fact,... READ MORE