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Towards a handshake

February 15, 2018

Trees You shake hands on the deal. After all the negotiations, the back-and-forth and the shenanigans that go along with coming to terms … you look each other in the eye, spit, and... READ MORE

It’s obvious

February 11, 2018

Meteorite There’s always someone who thinks it’s obvious. The problem: nobody else agrees with the “obvious”. The symptoms: everyone pulling in slightly different directions, frustrating meetings, saying “in my head, it looks lie this”,... READ MORE

Outside your circle

February 8, 2018

Circle It’s important to face inward. To concentrate on your business, your relationships, your colleagues, your team, your organisation. To have the meetings and do the work so all the moving parts know... READ MORE

Ship it

February 1, 2018

Me Three years of writing daily nudges. What started as an exercise of anti-perfectionism and anti-procrastination - two classic away-from objectives - has morphed into a process goal. The explicit objective is to... READ MORE

In the bell tower

January 31, 2018

Bell In the coffee shop, tucked away at the corner in the bell tower, sat two seats away at the dinner, the cousin of your warehouse manager - is the next person... READ MORE