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Other fish

October 21, 2018

Fish Most times, in most places, most people just don’t care about how what you’re up to can help. It’s not necessarily that they’re delighted with the way they do things now, or... READ MORE

Two opposing forces

October 19, 2018

V-twin Bringing new things into the world you’re likely to meet at least two opposing forces. Old questions - assuming a decent amount of diligence, working on a thing for any length of... READ MORE

The blame

October 16, 2018

Window It might make you feel better, or angrier, or vindicated to blame someone else. Maybe it’s even justified. Maybe it’s entirely in their court. Thing is, their problem just became your problem.READ MORE

To find their way

October 11, 2018

Rowntree If you were in the business of selling running shoes, it’s unlikely you’d waste your time stopping obviously unfit people on the street to convince them of a) the efficacy of... READ MORE

Getting sharked

October 10, 2018

Perspective One of the difficulties of starting new commercial relationships, especially when entering a new world, is fear of getting sharked. We worry about being naive, we double check and try to... READ MORE