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With flair

May 9, 2019

Relief It’s so easy to get away with good enough. It hurdles the bar. Maybe only just. But over it sails and lands on the other side ready to get on with... READ MORE

It seems ok

April 24, 2019

Stairs There’s the stuff we knock out of the park, the stuff we do that’s above average, and the pretty good, and then the good enough - all in the realm that... READ MORE

Push through the process

April 23, 2019

Clark Street Dog Everything seems clear and simple immediately after the idea. It hasn’t had time to get complicated yet. Not understood, not nuanced, not realistic in relation to the way the... READ MORE

An actual customer

April 22, 2019

Lincoln There’s always a lot to do, probably enough to keep you pinned to your desk or your meeting room chair all day every day with a little time for walking between... READ MORE

Hence the shimmy

April 20, 2019

Keep So there’s a prescription: in this situation, follow this path and do these things. It’s a recipe for success in circumstances like this, a short cut, answers when you need them... READ MORE