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When it shifts

January 29, 2018

Pier The biggest reason people don’t do the job you want them to do … they don’t know what job you want them to do. At the lower levels of an organisation that’s... READ MORE

Both ways

January 21, 2018

Chain If you can pull it off, the strongest relationship between a customer and supplier is one of partnership. Where you both open up your thinking to produce more coherent and aligned outcomes. Where... READ MORE

Say it early

January 19, 2018

Fish Some things will be left unsaid. Most, because they’re unknowns. At the time of speaking, or writing, or drafting the contract, there will always be things let unconsidered, details that we didn’t... READ MORE

One step further

January 18, 2018

Bled When we buy something, whether it’s a product in a box or a service we need or something intangible like a room with a view for the weekend, we expect to... READ MORE

Pushing water

January 16, 2018

Horse Imagine for a moment that you’ve run thirty businesses, done thirty transactions, managed thirty projects. Some good, some bad. Some glorious wins, some gloomy washes. You’ve thought about the ups and... READ MORE