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For pragmatism

December 8, 2018

Faces When you come across someone with the right attitude - which probably includes motivated, productive, happy or professional - you strap in and prepare yourself to go the extra mile: we... READ MORE

Ever-so slightly evolved

December 5, 2018

Out In your office, with your head down, working on the things you’re working on, you’re in your own domain. The people you talk today are pretty much the people you talked... READ MORE

Good housekeeping

December 4, 2018

Steps There’s nothing like good housekeeping for keeping the house good: - Asking “how long we’ve got” at the beginning of the meeting. - Introducing the subject of the meeting, and asking if anyone... READ MORE

See the brilliance

December 3, 2018

Smurf Customers have a habit of missing your point whilst they’re, oh I don’t know, thinking of their own. They’re so wrapped up in the own agenda, trying to solve the problems... READ MORE

The first step

December 1, 2018

Visit Whatever you’re considering, a new project, a new product, a new process, and new production process, and new product project, a new new anything … the first step is to get... READ MORE