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Tell them

August 21, 2018

Growth If the answer is Yes, tell them.  If the answer is No, tell them.  If the answer is Not Now, tell them, and tell them when it will be back on... READ MORE

A bad example

August 17, 2018

Old Things change. As the organisation grows (whether that’s from the coffee table or into bigger markets) it needs to evolve to fit the bigger reality. That might mean more structure or... READ MORE

How is could be

August 16, 2018

Gate How does your organisation work? I don’t particularly mean how does the money flow (although, how does the money flow?). I mean, what do you do that works, what do you... READ MORE

When they squeeze

August 10, 2018

House As a buyer, we resent being made to work too hard by our suppliers, when they squeeze us for every variation, when they make us wait, when they take short cuts... READ MORE

They knew to call

August 8, 2018

Flag When a potential customer contacts us out of the blue there’s the obvious thrill of learning about and dealing with someone new. Then there’s the benefit of doing the work; the... READ MORE