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More than scale

August 18, 2020

Scale There are two kinds of organisation: big ones and small ones. Big ones tend to be, erm, bigger, and have lots of people doing lots of things. To organise all those people... READ MORE

Rush jobs

August 14, 2020

Speed Some things, rush jobs, can be rushed. What we always do, but a little bit quicker, or jumping them to the front of the queue. A job that we know how... READ MORE

The mire

August 12, 2020

Roads Facing a crisis always means dealing with adversity. (Otherwise, what crisis?) In the moment, it doesn’t feel great. Juggling the diagnosis and prescription of the issue whilst managing the pressures of... READ MORE

Work first on the why

August 9, 2020

Paintings It’s easy to get so obsessed in the mechanics of a thing - of the how and the when and the where and the who of actually doing it - that... READ MORE

Shy away

August 8, 2020

Parking The rule is clear but sometimes it’s a guideline - like the two week holiday rule, or the visitor parking rule, or the starting the meeting on time rule. I guess we’ve... READ MORE