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Fall on your butt

January 9, 2017

Westminster You’re going to make mistakes. You’ll back the wrong horse, make a bad hire, stop when you should double-down, double-down when you should bug out. You’ll have good ideas go bad,... READ MORE

What we know

January 8, 2017

Pool Sometimes, when you get deep into a project, you see more and more connections, and before you know anything for sure, every bone’s connected to every other bone. Poke here, it... READ MORE

For today or tomorrow?

January 1, 2017

Packing You can find a way go skim. Whether it’s saving cost or effort, there’s always a way to deliver nearly-but-not-exactly what you promised without anyone noticing the difference. To squeeze another 1%... READ MORE

Just noodlin’

December 31, 2016

Reflection It’s not possible to spend every minute pushing your project forward. Running interference: Work gets in the way - very few of us have a single focus in our working hours. The project... READ MORE

When it’s broke

December 29, 2016

Relief When it’s broke, you know you have to fix it. It’s not an if?, it’s a when? But there’s so many other things that need doing first. And you can tap dance around... READ MORE