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Enforced ineffectiveness

February 25, 2016

Airport Everyone moans about the misery of air travel. Herded like cattle, the suspicion of security, the blank-eyed border checks, the endless hours, crowded terminals, bright lights. You develop the flyers-walk, going... READ MORE

Bring me ideas

February 20, 2016

Market There are always customers who don’t want to know. For reasons of timing or interest, they’re never going to listen to what you can do to make their life easier or... READ MORE

It’s not you

February 18, 2016

Bled Most times, first reactions straight from the gut are pretty much on the money. Not bankable, but not bad. Most times. And then, with no notice, your gut lets you down. Those times you... READ MORE

Crossing the line

February 17, 2016

Garlic Making agreements is all about the detail. I’ll do this, you’ll do that. Even when you don’t get everything your own way, if the balance of the deal makes sense, you swallow... READ MORE

Baking cakes

February 11, 2016

Cakes There aren’t many ideas that spring in to being, fully formed and beautiful. Only over time - with care, attention and a nurturing attitude - can their true value be realised. Good... READ MORE