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Sports massage

October 15, 2016

Down hill The thing about sports massage … it hurts. It’s a kind of exquisite pain. Nice and nasty. You know it’s doing you good, if actually feels like it’s doing you good,... READ MORE

What’s working?

October 12, 2016

Heart rate Anytime you like, you can take your pulse. It’s right down there, in touching distance, at the end of your arm. Very handy, and on occasion, very useful. Bu-boom. Bu-boom. Bu-boom. What... READ MORE

It’s complicated

October 11, 2016

Complicated Customers have complicated problems and there’s plenty of complexity in what you do to help. You wrassle products and services and processes and systems and people into a coherent proposition that eases... READ MORE

The next stage

October 9, 2016

Details Sometimes if feels like you’ve done everything before, that the only things that’s changing is the date. That you’d like to get to the next stage if only you could work... READ MORE

The power of too

October 6, 2016

Too tall Every time someone says “too” you better pay attention to everything that follows. Too big, too difficult, too cheap, too expensive, too … Aside from superlatives - too amazing - there’s a... READ MORE