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Nudging nearer

November 16, 2016

Ironbridge There are plenty of times when you won’t agree. You say black, they say white. Then it’s down to the willingness to compromise. Which degree of greyness is the place to... READ MORE

About time

November 15, 2016

Windmill Things take time. Paint drying, tankers turning, generations growing, committees meeting, muscles flexing, decisions deciding, things a-cookin’. People and organisations and processes and the wheels of change run at their own pace. It’s hard,... READ MORE

When to ask why

November 10, 2016

Why? Stuff happened. Why? Stuff didn’t happen. Why? Things went well. Why? Thing went poorly. Why? They said yes, or no, they’re choosing us, or not, they went left, or right, they called us, they didn’t.... READ MORE

Love milkshakes

November 5, 2016

love Love ‘em, (actually, yes) or hate ‘em, you know what you think about milkshakes. A milky sugary smoothie(!). A dieters nightmare. A kid’s treat. Entertainment on the drive. Cool pleasure on a... READ MORE

It’s easy

November 4, 2016

Status Quo There’s a lot to hate about the status quo. From the inside, it’s a barrier. It gets in the way of innovation and experiments and even the least risky new ideas.... READ MORE