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Be the buyer

May 23, 2016

Veg It’s easy to get wrapped up in doing-it doing-it and forget what it’s like being on the other side of the transaction. What it’s like being the buyer, not the provider of... READ MORE

Top job

May 14, 2016

Top It may be their job. It may be that they’re doing exactly what they’re paid to do. It may be that everyone around here puts in a shift and deserves just... READ MORE

Full and final

May 13, 2016

Final At the end of things, there’s often a settling up. In a restaurant, you pay the bill. After the lawyering, there’s their fee. Terminating contracts, it’s the new agreement that ends the old agreement. When... READ MORE

In the eyes

May 12, 2016

Eye Yes you can do a lot with email, and sms and social tools that keep everything connected in real time. Yes a quick call here and touch base there keeps everyone... READ MORE

Space to care

May 7, 2016

Space The good doctors use your name and give you the time of day. They apologise for keeping you waiting. They ask you to be a part of the solution. They discuss... READ MORE