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Raise a flag

March 3, 2016

Flag It’s easy to criticise, to say what you don’t like, to be an away-from person. To dig, and prod, and blow their house down. It’s catching too - you start puffing,... READ MORE

Cold and hard

March 2, 2016

Redwoods Life mostly allows for a relatively friendly relationship with the actual facts. Most of the time … they’re delicately spun. A polish there, an omission here, the greens are more verdant, the... READ MORE

Who benefits?

February 29, 2016

Bureaucracy There are plenty of things that seem like a good idea. Everyone says they’re a good idea. All the books say they’re a good idea. Advisers advise they’re a good idea.... READ MORE

Every project

February 26, 2016

Project Some projects burst out in a blaze of glory. Lights flash, music blares, crowds cheer as you hit the launch button and tell the whole world that today is the day. Other... READ MORE

Enforced ineffectiveness

February 25, 2016

Airport Everyone moans about the misery of air travel. Herded like cattle, the suspicion of security, the blank-eyed border checks, the endless hours, crowded terminals, bright lights. You develop the flyers-walk, going... READ MORE