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Out there

September 29, 2016

Outside It’s easy to forget the focus. With the day-to-day of breaking trail, keeping things together, setting camp, fire fighting, pushing up the mountains and hanging on the other side. With the team... READ MORE

Saving face

September 24, 2016

Training There’s comes a moment, oh, I don’t know, about a hundred times a day, when, just for a second or twenty, you don’t have total command of excellence. Maybe it’s the exact... READ MORE

Crying foul

September 21, 2016

Black and White What happens when everyone (including the leadership) buys into a clear objective? Assuming it’s an open an robust environment: - There’s a healthy debate whenever the route comes up for review.... READ MORE

Then you’ll know

September 19, 2016

Houses It’s comfortable and warm in your office. You can tuck yourself away and hone your proposition to a point, keep on coding and moulding and shaping and coaxing things into life. All... READ MORE