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Are we good?

November 29, 2015

Horse's mouth Ever wonder what they think? Whether things are getting better from their perspective? Or worse? If that disagreement has lodged firm at the front of their mind or was washed away on... READ MORE

Match fit

November 24, 2015

Harbour Pitching to investors, you better be prepared. Know your numbers, understand the customer, nail your proposition, show the holes in your team, tick off the milestones the expose the leaps of... READ MORE

Get back up

November 19, 2015

Wilderness So you find yourself on your arse. Keister in the dust. Feeling sorry for yourself. A bit miffed. Maybe you’ll look around to see who put you there. Scream and shout. Howl at the... READ MORE

When you don’t need them

November 14, 2015

Skills First time is always difficult. And risky. The second crack’s about straightening the curves. And exciting. Then the difficult third album. And nothing’s quite so easy after all. After that, assuming you’re still in... READ MORE

Inventing-the-future people

November 12, 2015

Future When you’re inventing the future, don’t ask people who live in the past to help. Look in the rear view mirror, just not all the time. Use the past to learn the... READ MORE