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Structural dead end

June 17, 2016

Dead end There’s an almost endless list of strategies and techniques designed to pull things together and sort out the kind of structural issues that hold organisations back. A motivated manager will work... READ MORE

Cookie cutter

June 12, 2016

Flowers Wouldn’t it be lovely if everything was the same? That every time you dealt with a new customer or new supplier it was exactly the same as last time around, that everything... READ MORE

Cold toast

June 6, 2016

Cold toast, hot view There’s plenty that goes wrong. News feeds, twitter, blogs, the water cooler - half the world seems bent on telling us all that’s Pete with the other half.... READ MORE

500 days and counting

June 4, 2016

Grass Projects come and go. There’s a start, then the doing, then the putting away the chairs. The thing about running a team or a business - that distinguishes them from a project... READ MORE

Communications skills

May 29, 2016

Order You can tell them what you think of them, have frequent one-to-ones, discuss performance and how you’d like them to behave, give pep-talks, update contracts, finesse job descriptions, change your tone... READ MORE