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They’ll bounce

July 30, 2020

Mirrors There’s more to bringing people into the team than finding the talent to do the work. Most times, the core capacity to do the work is a hygiene factor. It’s fundamentally... READ MORE

Bench strength

July 13, 2020

Trees It’s not a one man band. It’s about the people around you. You may be the decision maker, the figure head, all the eyes may turn toward you when the conversation... READ MORE

In-meeting skirmish

July 7, 2020

John O'Groats Accountability isn’t always about giving someone a hard time about the things they did and didn’t do that they should and shouldn’t have. It’s that, sometimes, but it’s as much... READ MORE

What you’re talking about

July 5, 2020

Site Not everybody speaks your language. The question is, what do you do about it? You could speak louder or faster or with even more complicated words, or your could slow down,... READ MORE

Value their efforts

July 4, 2020

Red Someone leaves after putting in a good shift. Someone else does something above and beyond. The person who is always on time and well prepared. That little slice of delight you... READ MORE