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Show them out

March 14, 2018

Beams A team member who fails to meet their commitments, misses their promises, runs a sloppy ship and is weak at communications … is in pretty poor shape and needs, in the... READ MORE

About Mary

March 10, 2018

Head Let’s talk about Mary. About all the things that drive us crazy about her, the seventeen ways she’s letting us down and eighteen ways she’s failing to deliver on her responsibilities.... READ MORE

Hard help

March 9, 2018

Head It’s fun … to sit on the sofa throwing out meaningless no-impact comments as the world passes before you. Less fun for every one else, but sport for you … to opine,... READ MORE

Forget the hiring

March 6, 2018

Head There’s a job that needs doing. It’s not a small part of a larger thing, it’s a larger thing of its own. A whole job that demand full time attention. You’ve... READ MORE

In your wake

March 5, 2018

Wake Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re right. That you see the problem with total clarity and you’ve already plotted the path to the safe ground beyond. And let’s imaging that you... READ MORE