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Peace keepers?

August 16, 2019

Bull Bringing someone new into the team is always disruptive.  For the newbie, there’s a lot to learn. Even the most experienced and confident suffer when they’re moved into a new context... READ MORE

Shared values

August 7, 2019

Steps The classic, consultants four quadrant grid with dimensions based on values and performance: 1. Shares the Values - Doesn’t Perform :: 2. Shares the Values - Does Perform 3. Doesn’t Share the Values... READ MORE

Team players

August 6, 2019

Team Anyone who’s managed a team, or been on a team, or seen a team on TV knows that there are some players/colleagues/members who make life better for each other, and some... READ MORE


August 1, 2019

Waterfall By the time you’ve gone beyond having all-hands meetings in a phone box, you’ll be passing the ball between players or teams. Which means hand-offs. Which means break downs in hand-offs.... READ MORE

Always open

July 27, 2019

Lock Despite what you say, your door isn’t always open. You have to notice when they have something to say that they aren’t saying, then you have to invite them into your... READ MORE