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June 10, 2019

Cabbages Trust is something you give when you think it’s deserved. That means, at the beginning, you probably take things at face value and go from there. After that, it depends on how... READ MORE

Point the way

June 9, 2019

Houses Bringing new things into the world, like products or services or processes or any kind of change, means doing entirely new things or doing old things in new ways. That’s the... READ MORE

Move them out

June 5, 2019

Solo Some people are amazing on their own. Set them a task and they’ll bring it back completed and tied in a pretty red bow. If you show any interest, they’ll tell... READ MORE

Not every manager

June 1, 2019

Craze Micromanagement happens when a manager thinks their way of doing things is the only way that works or matters. Either, they trust their experience over anyone else’s and are comfortable pushing for... READ MORE

What you’re missing

May 28, 2019

Missing You can probably get along pretty well without any one of your team. Maybe not quite as well, but maybe as often, even a little better. It isn’t that they don’t... READ MORE