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Away from the cookie cutter

January 11, 2021

Windows I suppose, it’s possible, you might just need someone out of the cookie cutter. Exactly like someone else you have or had around to do the same job in exactly the... READ MORE

Quite the haul

January 8, 2021

Fish Anytime some new lands in your team there’s a running in period. They get used to you, you get used to them.  Getting used to you is a big step that... READ MORE

Wider miss

December 30, 2020

Bridge You probably have people on your team who, good people as they are, you wouldn’t hire again tomorrow. Maybe the world has moved on and they haven’t updated their skills, maybe... READ MORE

Potential upside

December 28, 2020

Sandy When there’s someone on your team who isn’t living up to the requirements - either because they can’t do the work or don’t fit the team dynamics - you have plenty... READ MORE

The human way

December 20, 2020

Bridge It’s tempting, when things are a little off amongst the team, when the foot bone isn’t connecting quite well enough to the leg bone and the head bond seems disconnected from... READ MORE