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July 19, 2017

Unacceptable Some behaviours are so unacceptable that when you see them you can’t help but deal with them. You step in, sort out what you find and apply some “corrective feedback” after... READ MORE

Who they are

July 16, 2017

Oxford Whether you’re hiring, inheriting, promoting or coaching your people, there’s often a gap between the the person you’d like them to be and the reality you’re faced with. That’s normal. (Just... READ MORE

First customer

July 15, 2017

Customer As a manager, you might be responsible for building a product or delivering a service. That’s the immediate purpose of what you do in a day-to-day sense. But more profoundly, your real... READ MORE

Face time

July 14, 2017

View It’s a virtual world. Email and sms and phones and video. We’re there when we’re not there. We can get things done, builds teams without physical limits and fit more things... READ MORE

Bashing incompatibilities

July 13, 2017

Compatible It’s the myth of leadership that people will go where you want and accept the challenges on the way. It’s the myth of management that you can make people to do... READ MORE