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A little coaching

July 12, 2018

Confidence Every one of us could benefit from a little coaching. A smarter way of doing this, another perspective on that situation, a mirror so you can see what the world sees,... READ MORE

Exclusive club

July 9, 2018

Ed It’s an exclusive club. Your organisation has ways of doing what it does, mores for how it goes about its business, internal and external relationships that predict and moderate the pace... READ MORE

In your corner

July 7, 2018

Pole It’s possible that, working on your own over there in your corner, you’re brilliant and doing an amazing job. That all that you do is contributing to the whole and creating... READ MORE

Some travellers

June 28, 2018

Island No job is exactly what it purports to be. There’s always more complexity, more problems, weird and wonderful people, unusual working practices, undisclosed values, unfamiliar work ethic. The job as advertised... READ MORE

Talent pipeline

June 25, 2018

Pipeline Whether you’re growing, staying flat, or in any other state other than straight-out retreat … always be hiring.  That doesn’t mean keep making job offers.  It does mean get out there,... READ MORE