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People who know

April 21, 2019

Bays Some people seem to think they have a lock on all the good ideas. Let’s call them top down managers. They ask less what their team can do, and ask more... READ MORE

Too much for too long

April 16, 2019

Bell In the moment, being overwhelmed with work can actually be exhilarating. A motivator that makes you more determined, more decisive and more productive than normal. Not only is it a reality... READ MORE

Nothing screaming

April 14, 2019

Windows Once in a long while you find yourself with nothing screaming at you from your to-do list. Nothing that might go wrong has gone wrong. No one is banging on your... READ MORE

A surprise

April 10, 2019

Walk By the time you’ve made the decision to move someone on from your team it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone involved. Failure to live up to expectations, missing too many... READ MORE

Notes you share

April 9, 2019

Museum Direct and specific conversations are the first rule of performance management. Good and bad. Good and great performance deserves to be acknowledged. Let them know that you appreciate their effort, what it... READ MORE