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Things to ask new starters #2

November 13, 2018

Door 2 At that lunch, in the safe place, and assuming you’ve already established an authentic level of trust: 2. What can we learn from where you’ve worked/studied/travelled/lived before? It has to be clear... READ MORE

Things to ask new starters #1

November 12, 2018

Door 1 New starters join you from someplace else in the world; another department, education, travels, a competitor, supplier, other. Wherever they came from and whatever they did there, they have two... READ MORE

Mix the fruits

November 11, 2018

Vine By now, we all know that the customer most certainly, absolutely, indubitably, 100%, categorically, is not always right. That said, they have their moments. Lots of them. Actually, heaps. The thing is,... READ MORE

Take names

November 10, 2018

Hidden You know what they say about selling? … always be doin’ it. You know what they should say about hiring? … same. When times are good, you need a steady stream of good... READ MORE

That person

November 9, 2018

Person As managers, we’re dealing with humans. As managers of knowledge workers, we dealing with humans who’s value isn’t measured in equal units - it’s not about productivity points or hours on... READ MORE