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Relief map

May 12, 2020

Stream When you bring someone new into the team there are a few people who need to know what they’ll be up to. You - even if this is a replacement, you’ll need... READ MORE

The bottleneck

May 3, 2020

JCB We’re pretty good at starting things. We get involved, our hands immersed in the gloop of the thing, finding the solid pieces and bringing them together into a recognisable-ish whole. We... READ MORE

Clipping the hurdles

April 26, 2020

Shoulders There are definitely people on your team that you know aren’t giving their best, and you know that’s because you’re not giving your best to them. You know that your current... READ MORE

A style thing

April 17, 2020

Ford Your management style is working brilliantly. Your team is firing on all cylinders and you’re trucking down the highway at a progressive clip. Would you change your style? Why would you,... READ MORE

No one’s listening

April 15, 2020

Pipes There’s a problem with progress updates - it’s that everyone updates everyone else about their progress, whilst the same everyone else is more concerned about their own progress and their own... READ MORE