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Even management

January 6, 2019

Brooms If the work is a commodity that could be performed by any reasonably trained and averagely motivated individual, process is king. Put Tab A into Slot B, repeat, repeat, repeat. And... READ MORE

Even smarter

January 5, 2019

Smart You may be right. That thing you’re thinking about? You might have worked through all the scenarios, played out all the possible strategies right down to the eighth rank, seen far enough... READ MORE

Ten-gallon conversations

January 4, 2019

Houses Inside any team, things won’t always go quite as planned. When that happens the critical path always includes a drains up conversation to chew over the what and the why and... READ MORE

In it with you

December 30, 2018

Prickly There are some things you can never take for granted. Motivated staff prepared to run towards problems and go as far as it takes, who think a little deeper and act a... READ MORE

An invitation

December 27, 2018

Window Ideally, you’d walk up to them and just have the conversation. Whether you’re selling or buying, giving feedback, asking for help … whatever … there’s that risk that they’re not open... READ MORE