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Accommodate them

September 3, 2020

Lane Building a team involves bringing people into the team which involves the risk that they won’t work out. Not good for them and not good for you. Ultimately, there are two... READ MORE

Closer and tighter

August 31, 2020

Eyes Sometimes it hard to put your finger on it. In there, somewhere, a loose word, an unfinished thought … this is the one … or … this isn’t the one. Finding... READ MORE

Zero thought

August 30, 2020

Steps There is a view that you should hire people to do the things you want them to do. The actual things. That the role of management is to reduce each role,... READ MORE

With context

August 25, 2020

Prickly It’s tempting, compelling, practical to jump in to the middle of the thing, with all the details and where are the arguments lie. To spend time digging around and obsessing about... READ MORE

Knottier problems

August 23, 2020

Door When there’s a problem, the diagnosis is normally a pretty straightforward affair. Everybody has an opinion and most of them can point exactly to the heart of the issue. Next step is... READ MORE