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Orange flag

June 7, 2018

Ropes With no overt or agreed rules for how to run team dynamics, everything sloshes around until it finds a level. The over-promiser, the earnest, the volunteer, the schedule keeper, the keeps-working-on-her-laptoper,... READ MORE

Problem X

May 29, 2018

Wall You’re in charge.  There’s a reason for that. You’re smart and someone with enough authority (maybe you) recognised your talents and gave you the job. Now, with your experience and position,... READ MORE

Team smarts

May 26, 2018

Drawings Even the smart and knowledgeable thing that you are, you don’t know everything. Which isn’t a problem because one of the things you do know is to ask questions, to push... READ MORE

Space and time

May 21, 2018

Space You can do a lot by email - but you can’t manage. Hmm. Well, you can kinda-sorta manage, and that’s the deceit.  It certainly allows communication. Anytime, anyplace. You can stick things... READ MORE

Work hands

May 18, 2018

Boot When you’re a one person rodeo there’s no one to do the work but you. It’s only you who’s jumping around inside the building. You open the post, sweep the floor,... READ MORE