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When it’s over

November 17, 2017

Trumpet It feels good when you come to the end of a project. All that effort, all the late nights and rubbed temples and heads butted and rabbit holes followed. All the... READ MORE

What fits where

November 15, 2017

Bollard I know you know. You’re in complete command of the project and every part of it. You know what fits where, how this part is dependent on that part, what’s been affected... READ MORE

Not about ideas

November 13, 2017

Windows Just for the moment, accept that one of your top jobs is to innovate. What would that mean? Actually, just for the moment, what wouldn’t it mean? It wouldn’t mean having a... READ MORE

The boonies

November 9, 2017

Joshua New people at the table? You can hurry. Sit them at their desk, show them their place in the assembly line, show them north and leave them to get on with... READ MORE

Hands are shaken

November 8, 2017

Ships There’s so much effort in getting to the deal. The candles burned, the heads scratched, the numbers crunched. The preparation and presentations and negotiations and waiting-waiting-waiting. The disappointments and frustrations and... READ MORE