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A handrail

September 17, 2017

Handrail There are times when your people don’t do things the way you want. They struggle with the easiest things, overcomplicate the simplest, take twice as long with thrice the effort, miss... READ MORE

This is where

September 12, 2017

Rock That big project we’re working on - the one with all the moving parts and customers to satisfy and a deadline that’s going nowhere … this is where we are. We’ve done... READ MORE

See the spectrum

September 9, 2017

Faces In any good team, there’s a variation of comfort with risk. It’s a spectrum: at one end … those who love to play it fast as loosy-goosy, who roll with dropped deadlines... READ MORE

Them punches, eh!

September 8, 2017

Modern Every now and again, you take a hit. Them punches, eh! Tough to take but you get over it. If you’re smart you take the lesson that was along for the... READ MORE

Permission to push

September 6, 2017

Post It’s the myth of leadership that you can get your people to do what you want. You understand that. It normally sinks in after the second or third self-inflicted crisis after... READ MORE