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This information

May 4, 2016

Information There are things you don’t know. Important things. Things that affect how you, your team, and your organisation  go about your business. Somebody else knows. Somebody who works with you has information... READ MORE

A full bucket

April 28, 2016

Standing Some people always have plenty to do. They’re all busy-ness. Because they never finish anything, or even really start. They poke things around, talk about them, revisit and revisit every decision and... READ MORE

Touch points

April 27, 2016

Touch There’s a lot going on. Customers, staff, teams, suppliers, partners, collaborations, alliances. Each with their own agendas, moving parts and clock speed. It’s extremely likely that some, if not all, are... READ MORE

The Hump Test

April 25, 2016

Humps There’s always one. Someone in the team or the wider organisation who’s a little bit miserable even whilst they’re cracking wise. They live on the down side and let everyone know... READ MORE

Call it

April 17, 2016

Scaffold Every project has problems and every team mangles itself in the wringer every now and again. It’s the natural order of doing difficult things that break new ground. Short hand: it’s... READ MORE