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Optimists and volunteers

March 25, 2016

Tree Not everything goes the way you’d like it. Shock. There are obstacles, set-backs, let-downs, difficulties, interruptions, illnesses. Every thing that can go wrong has gone wrong and will go wrong again. It’s in... READ MORE

Walking upside down

March 23, 2016

Wishes “If we could walk upside down, we could …” No one plans on the impossible. As a brainstorming exercise - putting some weirdness into play that inspires a thought that leads to a... READ MORE

Silver bullet

March 18, 2016

Concorde There comes a point with any team when personalities (or agenda or method or contribution or something) start to clash. Before you know it, there’s as much attention on what’s happening... READ MORE

Clock speed

March 17, 2016

Big Ben Let’s assume a typical academic has a sharp brain up top. They hold many thoughts and get insights in the shower. As for them, so for the rest of us.... READ MORE

Something about momentum

March 16, 2016

Progress The art of getting from here to there. Whatever it is - project, fundraising, product launch, actual trip - at some point, no matter how much planning and strategising and what-if thinking... READ MORE