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Roll-in plan

June 13, 2016

Roll-out The day is coming. Months or hope, sacrifice and hard yards are slowly bringing you step by stumble towards launch. Marketing are on the case, production is planning, bugs are being... READ MORE

There are signs

June 8, 2016

Signs There are times when you’re just not sure what’s going on. It’s just a feeling, but there’s something that’s just not right with someone on the team. Maybe they’re not pulling their... READ MORE

Out on the limb

June 7, 2016

At the edge All of us feel alone sometimes. That we’re out on a limb. A lone voice. Falling by the wayside. Acting in the dark. A tree falling in the forest.... READ MORE

Don’t know what you’re doing

June 3, 2016

Cubbies It’s just a hunch but … my guess is … you don’t know what you’re doing. Hmm. That’s too strong. What I mean is … sometimes … you don’t know exactly how to... READ MORE

Ok, now I see

June 2, 2016

X You can talk about it. You can hope they understand what you mean and how it’s going to impact them, their work, their life. You can wait, and wait, and wait for them... READ MORE