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Lo Fi

June 25, 2016

Models If they don’t get what you’re talking about - when you’re waving your hands in the air kinda-sorta describing how the website or product or building will look or how the... READ MORE

What I see

June 24, 2016

Faces The problem with annual appraisals is the annual part and the appraisal part. Annual doesn’t cut it. The people who work in your team, they’re people. They have hopes and desires, are worried... READ MORE

Every day

June 21, 2016

Structure As the earth spins and the sun goes up and down, there are things you have to do every day. Every. Day. Maybe the biggest daily challenge of them all … communication. If you’re a... READ MORE

Roll-in plan

June 13, 2016

Roll-out The day is coming. Months or hope, sacrifice and hard yards are slowly bringing you step by stumble towards launch. Marketing are on the case, production is planning, bugs are being... READ MORE

There are signs

June 8, 2016

Signs There are times when you’re just not sure what’s going on. It’s just a feeling, but there’s something that’s just not right with someone on the team. Maybe they’re not pulling their... READ MORE