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Sludgy java

November 8, 2016

Coffee In my mind, it’s crystal clear. The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone and Tab A fits snugly into Slot B. Easy, straightforward, obvious. Hmm. Problem is … what’s obvious to me... READ MORE

Getting stuck

November 7, 2016

Boxes When you’re on the path (which is a good thing), and you’re happy with the path you’re on (which is a great thing), and you’re not making progress (which is a... READ MORE

Letting go

November 1, 2016

Road Learning to walk, you have to let go. There’s only so much shuffling along, holding on to tables and chairs, that you can do. It takes you so far, but not... READ MORE

It’s about fit

October 31, 2016

Fit Is there anyone who says it’s a good idea to hire by the shelf foot? To pull in as many applicants as necessary to employ a quota on a first-come-first-hired basis?... READ MORE

Breaking the circle

October 29, 2016

Circle High performing teams have a rhythm. The more established the players, the easier the beat. They know how to get along, how to get things done, and how to keep strong... READ MORE