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Facing Forward

August 6, 2015

Past Glory Everyone faces forward. To do lists beckon, deadlines looming, work to be done, research and preparation, meetings, meetings, milestones, next steps. Everyone faces forward because forward demands attention. Backward dims in the... READ MORE

Don’t go quietly

July 1, 2015

Path As soon as you bring someone else into a project you need to up your communication game. Where it was ok to noodle along at your own pace without anyone looking... READ MORE

Technology that never gets old

June 29, 2015

Functions Technology has always been the way to get things done better. Not every new possibility makes sense, but each technical leap, however small, opens up new land. Enough people jumping enough... READ MORE

Context is king

June 16, 2015

Context You’ve probably forgotten what you know. Not the knowledge, but that it’s important. A newbie joins your team or you bring in some outsiders for a project. Your job is to get... READ MORE

Chess strength

June 14, 2015

Castle Chess starts with learning the moves of all the pieces. It’s clear very quickly that each piece has a special talent and they’re better at some tasks than others. If only people... READ MORE