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Long fingers

September 26, 2016

Ripples My! What long fingers you have. With authority comes influence and the ability to shine light into dark and exciting places. Show some interest, encourage change, highlight positives or negatives, damn with... READ MORE

I thought you said

September 23, 2016

Teapot When there’s more than one person involved, there’s plenty of room for confusion. But I thought you said … And didn’t you mean … Hang on, I thought we said … And that’s... READ MORE

An easy path

September 16, 2016

Path With the wrong partner everything is more difficult than it should be. Simple issues get resolved in complicated ways. Who said what is as important as who did what. Every option... READ MORE

Opposing views

September 10, 2016

Opposition Some people are just difficult. Some, contrarians, have opposing views on everything and counter every argument with hypotheticals and what ifs. Some think it’s their natural place to be right, and every conflicting... READ MORE

In the room

September 9, 2016

Room The meeting is set. The key players need to be there. Who do you take? The simple answer … the key players. Natch. The more complex involves … egos and politics. Someone thinks they should... READ MORE