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Process people

November 16, 2015

Flavours Very few of us are process people. The kind who set to, who work through, who won’t let go until the job gets done, have labelled boxes in the garage and never... READ MORE

Need to believe

November 13, 2015

Partners When choosing partners, you need to believe. That the future will be better together. That they’ll have your back. That when the fan takes a hit, they’ll stick around for the clean... READ MORE

In the room

October 12, 2015

Grand It’s pretty easy to talk a good game. Meeting for the first time - networking maybe - some people have a tendency to aggrandise. Talking up their importance, letting you believe they... READ MORE

Finding a way

October 9, 2015

Rollercoaster There are times when you absolutely, no matter what, have to find a way for the other side to stay on side. Like when you’re in a partnership and the only way... READ MORE

It’s their job

September 20, 2015

Bus It’s their job! Customers should be able to tell you what they want, accountants should know which buckets to add into, designers should use the right font, managers should know when things... READ MORE