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Knowing scope

August 26, 2015

Cabbages How big is it? Not exactly. Not dimensions. No absolutes. But an indication … are you measuring in inches or yards? How big is the project? Should we raise thousands or millions? Two people... READ MORE

Who to hire?

August 20, 2015

People Growing companies have an absolute requirement for talent. As you sit there, right now, you probably have a pretty good feel for the kinds of people and skills you’d like to hire... READ MORE

Getting serious

August 16, 2015

Show It’s easy to enthuse when there’s no commitment involved. Would you recommend this can of beans? Absolutely. That’s why opinion polls and “intention to buy” surveys waste our time. It’s also easy to... READ MORE

Facing Forward

August 6, 2015

Past Glory Everyone faces forward. To do lists beckon, deadlines looming, work to be done, research and preparation, meetings, meetings, milestones, next steps. Everyone faces forward because forward demands attention. Backward dims in the... READ MORE

Don’t go quietly

July 1, 2015

Path As soon as you bring someone else into a project you need to up your communication game. Where it was ok to noodle along at your own pace without anyone looking... READ MORE