January 29, 2021

Fair process


None of us likes it when a decision goes against us.

It’s bad enough when it’s an outsider, deciding on assumptions and opinions that we find it difficult to influence – frustration is part of the game and is table stakes if you want to play.

When it’s an internal decision – especially where you’ve had your chance, presented your data and been given the opportunity to weigh in on the nuances and to defeat the assumptions – it’s doubly frustrating to the point of irritating to the limit of anger … unless, unless, unless the process was fair and you gave it your best shot.

It is wasn’t a fair process, or when you sat back and rested on biases and assumptions, then it smarts or you feel foolish.

Skippy strategy: If you want to carry your team with a decision (rather than force them) make the process fair and fully inclusive.