June 6, 2021

Green or blue


It’s lovely to have options. Forward or back, left or right, in or out, green or blue. It’s great to hold all the cards and play them, or not, in your own time and for your own reasons. It’s freedom. It’s … debilitating. Yes, options are good but they have a half-life beyond which they degrade, not of themselves, but their effectiveness in moving things forward, in bringing people with you or even keeping them on board. Wait too long, inertia settles in. Wait too long, attention wavers and once motivated partners lose interest, some of them wander around waiting, some will run off and get on with more decisive players.

It’s lovely to have options for just as long as it takes for them to become a burden. Consider them, assess them, make a decision and act on them.

Skippy strategy: Look forward, look back, make the decision.