July 24, 2021

Finally finish


It’s a rush. We work towards the deadline, we deal with email, we have meeting and meetings, we finish the project and we start another. Endless. Relentless. And sometimes, so endless, so relentless, that we don’t quite put the project to bed completely, the inbox grows and we struggle to do the things we committed to doing in the meetings. We never stop, but we never quite finish.

Plan for gaps.

At the very least, add extra time to every project plan to deal with snagging issues. Not five minutes, but five days or weeks. Have the discipline to not start a major new project until you’ve put right the end of the last major project. Don’t accept project debt from yourself or your team. Finish them, and push them into business as usual, where usual involved things working as they should.

Skippy strategy: Finally finish every project.