December 3, 2021

Do they excel


If you had to, what would you say about your supplier? If you had to write a review, candid, no pulled punches and no false praise, how would they rate?

Start with a one liner.

What are they good at, what are they bad at? A little bit of context, where they fit, how’s the relationship, what about the buying experience, do they listen, are they experts or the cheapest or why else do you use them? Is it good value, what is the value, is it about money or time or convenience or excellence or what? Where do they excel? What’s the verdict? Should you continue or look elsewhere?

Nothing so formal, but that’s going through their head every time you connect. What do they think? What do you want them to think? How will you make sure?

Skippy strategy: Good or bad, they evaluate you every time you connect.